When Tan Rong Jinsheng is senior captain military rank martial attire according to. Tan Rong offers what   Tan Rong had the honor to win 1955 to liberate medal and certificate. Reporter Wu Tao photographs   Tan Rong to be illuminated nearly. Reporter Wu Tao photographs the medal that of Wu Tao of our newspaper reporter has some of long time very much, look to have some of long time, but save quite in good condition, it is the cowhide paper bag that outer packing uses only slightly some damaged. There is the ribbon that red line and golden line braid on medal, the front is red star shines the Tian An Men below, the reverse side has the model of written characters such as 1945—1950, People’s Republic of China, Beijing. Number 05959. This medal was 1955 People’s Republic of China awards the emancipatory medal in personnel of the make contributions in war of liberation, the generation decoration that also is 苏州虎丘区桑拿多吗a republic is numismatic. 苏州保健按摩都没有了吗Numismatic host, the Tan Rong that is this year 91 years old, joined the old soldier of the liberation army 1946. Yesterday morning, the reporter interviewed her in Home Tan Rong, listen to her to tell about the extraordinary years of numismatic backside. Close all previous grows to liberate Suzhou Tan flourish to be born in Shandong glue in battle of female health worker east苏州哪家spa有服务 peninsula revolution old quarter, her home town is the Eight Route Army all the year round base area of enemy’s rear area. The Tan Rong that is edified a苏州秘境spa是黑店吗s a child by revolution, boyhood is children colonel, that 17 years old years Tan Rong joined the army, entered a party the 2nd year to transfer into bank boreal military subzero recuperates 2, become squad leader of squad of sanitation daughter arms. She tells a reporter, the retreat at that time, it is surgeon courtyard actually, after war of liberation begins, the wounded person that has front ceaselessly will in retreat treat, what the soldiers in she and place basically learn is to wrap up with simple field operations relieve a sick or injured person. We the member that these “ sanitatio苏州白金汉爵有桑拿吗n nurse basically comes from a country, not much culture, can have some of simple battlefield first aid only. Some weighs the wounded, still must send the hospital ability that wild depart苏州海燕盲人按摩ment place belongs to cure. Because wholesome condition is bad,have some of soldier, cure sacrificed not in time, good regrettablly oh! ” Tan Rong says regretfully. 3 years of war of liberation, tan Rong follows all the time army, do wholesome rescue work. The retreat that she works so, also be brought into later series of field army action is adapted for army hospita苏州按摩没有了l. In battle years, tan Rong got acquainted with Sun Yunfei of her marital —— surgeon, meantime, tan Rong and husband attended Meng Liang Gu together it is battle, the Huai-Hai Campaign, important to cross river battle, Shanghai battle to wait for much field battle. Mention the battle that once entered, the memory of the old person is a little ambiguous, she says, time goes too for a long time, it is not quite clear that a lot of things had been written down, remember those days following unit only everywhere march, from Lu Zhong the earth arrives Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes. The place that “ takes is too much, a lot of things of experience forgot. Nevertheless I still remember, 1949 in April, I hit a medium into the liberation army of Suzhou city namely. The Suzhou city wall that feels that time is very tall, be like every to reach a place, can see place of historic interest. ” Tan Rong is laughing to say. Green years dedication builds an old person to not have to border area complain without regret new China holds water, smoke of gunpowder is far go, the life of Tan Rong and husband comes down gradually firmly surely. Go up century at the beginning of 50 time, sunyun flies to the attend in a advanced studies of Military Medical University of Changchun, and the specialized subject that Tan Rong trains public health worker to army grooms class, learn medical knowledge of the system, specialized subject of main attack ear-nose-throat, the medical treatment knowledge that teachs oneself before her cannot have satisfied the need that normalization army sanitation works far, only the Tan Rong of elementary school culture engraves suffering study, just bit off complex medical textbook, two years epigenesis is a doctor in charge of a case. When the job that speaks of that for some time, tan Rong draws out a paper to wrap from pocket, open cautiously. It is two pieces had floated inside yellow old photogra苏州园区足疗按摩推荐ph, a piece of photograph is health worker of a liberation army vaccinates for a child, still a piece of woman that is junk of a dress is holding an emaciated girl in the arms, those who make a person shocking is, the girl is growing the caruncle of size of a wax gourd on the ham like bamboo branch! “ these two pieces of photographs are revolutionary war time, when our hospital sees a doctor for common people of place where troops are stationed in march road, stay, that vaccinates for the person female health worker on the photo苏州吴中区盲人按摩graph is me. Await wholesome condition to differ in those days, people life is tough, the disease such as smallpox, cholera is popular, a苏州有按摩店吗 lot of people arrive dead to look down on ill ” . Tan Rong says, that grows the girl of tumor, the old dean that is their hospital disc苏州有什么按摩好的地方overs in new liberated area. The person of very much at that time new liberated area is not familiar to Communist Party liberation army, see the person that wears a military uniform fears. See the liberation army hides far dare not contact. “ in those days, we treat a disease to give this the girl, was to expend idea really. Nurse of a few doctors hits water to sweep the floor to her home everyday greatly, was familiar with with her family member s苏州龙逸温泉至尊spalowly, this ability agrees with us to have a medical check-up to them. Later, we arouse again her family lets the girl treat a disease to our hospital. After many advise, the girl’s family agrees to send her to come to a hospital eventually. We looked for best doctor to give her the operation, restored health very quickly. If she returns living word, also should have 80 years old of cough up! We are the surgeon of the Communist Party, want to let common people have a rough time no longer namely, look down on disease no longer! ” Tan Rong is grasping two fist to say closely. 1959, tibetan happening arms revolting. Sun Yunfei acts according to t上海吴中路桑拿按摩one to enter the battle that make the same score betray toward Tibetan military region from Nanjing military region, after a year, revolting appease, but Tibetan military region still needs a large number of cadres. Right now, tan Rong also enters Tibet, work in total hospital of Tibetan military region together with the husband, she holds the position of otolaryngology advocate order a phys苏州工业园区按摩保健ician, retire till 1983, be being waited for in highland is 23 years. During this, originally the Tan Rong with not quite good heart, send cure to send medicine for the Tibetan along with army go to the countryside for many times. Be utterly destitute of common people Tibetan an area, be short of cure little medicine. A lot of people were cured by liberation army medical team old dense disease. “ Tibetan is in charge of us to call rice of Ma of ‘ Jin Zhu ’ , the Bodhisa苏州园区spa 唐人阁ttva arms of means help the needy and relieve the distressed. I enlist 37 years, the service hides area Tibetan to have more than 20 years, gave best green years the border area construction of the motherland, I am not had complain the ” that do not have regret! Tan Rong says. Make an appointment to contribute involuntary discharge of urine to consider as best a home to return to to retire from army with the old partner Suzhou, enthusiastic commonweal of veteran Tan Rong, relinquish content activity besides the contribution of textural appeal, she sees all round difficult family also can help actively. 2004, constituent concern of Tan Rong turns wintersweet army rests after place, she asks actively every months to retire from her 300 yuan are taken out to be used at helping difficult family in gold, this thing holds to all the time now. Although “ took off a military uniform, but the military essence that serves for people cannot forget, so doing is carry out travel I am in when army first heart. ” Tan Rong says. 1955, tan Rong is granted flying officer military rank and emancipatory medal. 1988, she is granted order of triumphal exploit honor by central the Central Military Commission again. 2019 National Day eve, the “ that she had the honor to win the Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council, central the Central Military Commission to be issued jointly again celebrates People’s Republic of China to establish ” of 70 anniversary chapter. Speak of these medal that she has the honor to win, the old person appears some feel embarrassed, she says: What “ wins these medal is veteran have two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two, and my individual is a drop in the sea. Common the ” that one army that’s all right is worth to show off. The 3 class independence that Tan Rong takes out old partner Sun Yunfei to have the honor to win is free decoration liberates decoration to look to the reporter with 3 class, these two decoration were 1955 People’s Republic of China awards battalion is held the position of in the War of Resistance Against Japan class and even class and the cadre that with its the post comparatives, and conglomerate form and battalion class and the cadre that with its the post comparatives are held the position of in war of liberation, although had gone 60 old, but two decoration as before gloden. Her expression is sentimental, touching these two decoration ceaselessly. Be pacified she says to the reporter after mood of one conditions or feelings of the lower levels: “ old man is the old soldier that has joined war of resistance against aggression, these two are the medal that textural gives him. His post is higher than me, experience is more than me, regrettablly, he went 10 years ago, or you can hear more and wonderful battle story! ”Introduce according to old person son, parents agrees to after be born, want to donate remains before New Year more, dealt with remains to present procedures together. After Sun Yunfei dies, completed this one agreement; Nowadays, tan Rong also remembers all the time once agreement. “ I am a soldier, compared with the martyr that those sacrifice to go up in battlefield, I can live to be today already very lucky. I also am a doctor, did the work of heal the wounded and rescue the dying all one’s life. Old partner go ahead of the rest one pace, contribute remains to endearment medical career, I also was signed on alms book. Contributive society, do not give later generations incommode. I think this is an a legionary medical worker, veteran and best a home to return to certainly! Mood of old person of ” Tan flourish says sturdily.